Coatings are indispensable components of most physical products and contribute significantly to their practical value. They are complex systems, built up from single components which interact with the substrate, with each other and the environment in multiple ways.

As carriers of information, graphic design and many other high-performance functions, as protection against decomposition and destruction, coatings are highly developed systems to turn just a product into a perfect product.

Coating systems und their application technology are future key industries. The development of new pigments, binders and coating technologies will enable novel coatings with smart functions and raise the standard of user benefit substantially.

The complex cooperation between different scientific disciplines and manufacturers of system components combined with the interaction of technology development and impulses from users and appliers of coating systems will lead to the success of this development. Development agreements and the formation of networks between industrial enterprises, research institutes and universities are absolute requirements for this achievement.

In the field of “coating systems und coating technology” as a key industry, German industry plays a leading role in global competition.

For this reason, the Research Society for Pigments and Coatings supports suppliers and users of coatings in further developing their products. Promoting basic research as well as application-oriented research, the FPL sustainably contributes to strengthen this key industry in Germany.